dispel and ditch Scandic

Quite brave as for the very first post, but here I am, challenging the unquestionable, the most popular and glorifed by everyone and everywhere interior style – Scandinavian style. At this moment, probably even my dearest friends will decide to unfriend me, as they are also under the spell.

Scandic is commonly described as minimalist and functional. I would say simple bright formal and … cold. Fine for an office, less for a living space.

After all what is it about these white soulless walls, white gloss kitchen, white rugs on the floor, white chairs and tables etc.? Add a bit of wood and there you go with a bright clean sterile perfect Scandic interior. BUT do you really want to live in a spotless cold and uptight, as I believe it is, space? Would you call it your home, so a WARM inviting cosy and chilled-out place where you are supposed to get your little escape from the outside hassle?

I don’t even mention the fact that we are all creative individuals and creativity lies where our imagination can go wild instead of following everyone else. I’m not sure where room for imagination in a Scandic room is…


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Look at these two. I have little problem choosing my home;).

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