Atelier-like home

Hello lovely people! Today I had an exceptionally nice afternoon thanks to an American couple, whom I met in one of the art galleries in the city and started talking to them about art and … politics. It turned out that they came to Warsaw from Washington DC only to buy a few pieces of art. And that inspired me to share my view on the exposition of art at home, specifically paintings.

The way people traditionally expose art at home is by hanging it on a wall at eye level, usually in the centre. A bit like in a museum, don’t you think? Personally, it makes me feel a bit uptight and gives a rather not homely cosy feeling. And it’s just boring.


Not a bad interior, but not very creative.

What I would do, unless it was an original Da Vinci (not a big fan though), would be to put different pieces on the floor in a row, like below, or, if hang them, then super high, for example above the door, or in a place like … a bathroom. Weird, no? Yes, but so much more intriguing and chilled-out at the same time. Needles to say that not every painting would look cool in a bathroom, so it’s a tricky art (literally) to show art in an artistic, yet original way, but, as someone once said, “if you are unwilling to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary”, so there you go!

And here you have a little unintended example of presenting art without all the airs and graces. This is an art gallery (, but I would do it exactly the same at home.

A bit like here.


Below a couple of really cool pieces for an atelier-like home. The first one is from the gallery above.

Art is beauty. Enjoy it your way. Accessible. Easy. Cool.


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